Monday, October 09, 2006


The first Australians are the Aborigines. They came from Asia and they have been in Australia more than 50, 000 years.
Australia is a big dry country. Traditional Aborigines knew how to find water by digging in the right places. They used to eat yam (similar to a potato) and women used to do the cooking. Now, they go to their local shops to buy food but they still always eat “bush tucker”.
Traditional Aborigines men were specially hunters. They hunted fish, chickens, kangaroos and many other animals. However, many Aborigines still like to hunt animals nowadays.
Traditional Aborigines moved from one place to another place looking for food. So, they built their shelter very quickly and then they left it when they moved. Now, they live in modern new houses.
Traditional Aborigines liked to sing and dance. Some of them are used to teach children about their history and religion. And always not true just for fun. Now, they still like singing and dancing, also, they speak English as well.
The Aborigines are one important part of Australia society.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Let's talk

There are 18 students in our class from different countries, and ages 19 to 60. We live in Sydney Australia. All of us are migrants. We come from different countries. And also we did a lot of different jobs before coming to Australia. For example, one of us was a doctor, another was an accountant. We have sales people, a real estate agent and so on.
There are four levels in the AMEP course. We are lever four and study full time. Our class goes from June to November; also we are studying computer skills at the same time.
We have two teachers who are both very good teachers: Liz is Australian and Rosa is from Spain. Liz’s class is for practicing our pronunciation and writing, and Rosa's class is a lot of grammar, homework, blogging and pod casting.
Our English has improved a lot since the first time that we came to TAFE.
Most of us are very happy to live in Australia. Australia is an easy going country, the Australian people are friendly
Robert and Sarina

Monday, August 14, 2006

Correctin Mistakes

23, St. Mary's Road,
Dublin 4, Ireland
Tuesday, 10 May Dear Stephanie

How are you? I’m very well. I came to Dublin two weeks ago to study at a language school. I want to learn English because it’s a very important language. I’m staying with an Irish family. They’ve got two sons and a daughter. Mr Kendall is a teacher and Mrs Kendall works in a hospital. The Irish are very kind, but they speak very quickly!

I study in the morning. My teacher’s name is Ann. She told me that my English is OK, but I have a lot of mistakes. Ann doesn’t give us too much homework, so in the afternoons I always go sightseeing. Dublin is much bigger than my town. I like painting very much and I’m very interested in modern art, so I visit galleries and museums. I’ve met a girl named Martina. She comes from Spain and goes to Trinity College. Last night we went to the cinema, but the film wasn’t very exciting.

Would you like to visit me? Why don’t you come for a weekend?

I’d love to see you.
Write to me soon.
Love, Kati

About Fance Zengouski

Fance Zengouski was born in Australia. She grew up in Macedonia and she is Macedonian. In 2001, she came to Australia because her boyfriend is Australian.

There are eight people in her family. Her father’s name is Gimi and he is about 65 years old, her mother is called Malica and is about 52 years old.

She left school when she was 19 years old. Now, she is studying English in TAFE College and she has been studying English for two years.

In her spark time she likes cooking, watching TV and shopping.

She can speak Macedonian, Serbian, Croation and English.

Friday, June 30, 2006

A Salsa

Today is the end of our semester. Many of us are continuing study, A few are looking for a job.
I am pleased to study with my classmates and want to say thinks to the teachers. I hope see you again soon and keep in touch.

We have a party in the classroom.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Interview with Djimi

Today, I had an interview with Djimi. She comes from Lebanon and she is studying English at TAFE. Also, she is a very friendly person. I hope you will be interested in the following interview recording.

Click below to listen to the interview

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Friend's letter

Dear Rita,

I haven’t seen you for a long time and I miss you a lot. I will be finishing my English course this month and I am going to attend the EFS which is English for Further Study, but I think this course will be very difficult for me to attend. If I can not pass the test, I will repeat this course again which will take me another 6 months.
I was very surprised that I saw your brother, Ken yesterday at the shopping centre. We have taken some photos together and I will be sending them to you later in the week. We all miss you very much and hope to see you in the next holiday.

Keep touch,

Saturday, June 17, 2006


The platypus is a native animal to Australia; no other animals are similar to it in the world.

Platypus is an egg-laying aquatic mammal. The mother reduces milk to feed the young and it lays two eggs per ones. Always it breeds from August to October.

The platypus lives in forests and rainforests on the east coast of Australia. It digs a burrow in river banks and lakesides, just above the water level. It is solitary and probably territorial and always travels up to 2km to looking for food. Also it hibernates from may to September in cooler climates. It has a streamlined body without external ears, flattened paddle-like tail, and rubbey, sensitive, duck-shaped bill. Its webbed feet and the feet have long, sharp claws. Also its fur is dark brown on the back, pale cream to reddish below.

The platypus average length from head to tail is 48 centimetres. The male have a sharp poison spur on the ankles of their hind legs.


Palawat was born in Thailand in 1962. He was a good student at school and he was interested in mathematics when he studied at high school. In 1981, he went to university to study and finished it in 1984.
His first job was a teacher. He also taught chemistry. He felt respected the police, so he started working as a policeman in 1986 until 2004. During that time he met his wife and now has two daughters.
In 2005, he migrated to Australia because his wife has been in Australia for a few years. Now he is studying in TAFE College. He loves his wife and he wants to stay here for a long time.


Sydney is the biggest and oldest city in Australia. It is located on the east coast of Australia and it is the capital of N.S.W. There are 4.000.000 people living in Sydney.

Sydney has a great mixture of cultures. There are people from more than 100 countries and they are very friendly.It is the best multicultural society in the world. There are many kinds of food from different countries, so you can eat excellent food in the restaurants.

There are many beautiful buildings in Sydney. The Opera house is the most famous building in the world. Centre Point Tower is the highest building in Sydney and you can see around the city on the top of Centre Point. The Queen Victoria Building is an old and beautiful building in Sydney. Around The Rocks Area, you can see many shops and you can buy many kind things from there.

There are lots to do in Sydney; you can go to the beaches, the mountains and Cinemas. Also you can see aboriginal people in some special places.
Sydney is a good place to live in because the people are friendly, the city is neat and tidy, and also the places are so beautiful.

My First Day in Australia

My first day In Australia was both a tiring and a happy experience. I was excited to see my brother because I had not seen my brother for a few years.
My brother took me to his house in Bankstown which took half an hour to drive. By the time we reached there I was tired, but I was very excited again because it was the first time I had seen my brother’s daughter, and she was already two years old.

Although, I was delighted to see my brother and his family, but I was a little worried about my new life in Australia because my English was so poor, but I thought I would be happy here.

Guang Zhou

Population: 4,000,000

Guang Zhou, the old and big Chinese city, is a place of great historical interest and also a modern state capital of Guang Dong state.

Guang Zhou is located in the south part of China and near Hong Kong. The city is at the mouth of the Pearl River which is navigable to the South China Sea. It is the economic centre of the Pearl River watershed because it has a main airport, express trains, harbour…

Guang Zhou has another name that it called “Flower City”. There are many flower markets in the city. Every three days before Chinese New Year, there is a special flower market which is huge in area. Flowers came around the world, also it opens until midnight, and you can’t imagine how big it is.

Guang Zhou has a wonderful tradition of cultures. People are very friendly and the city is very clean, people like eating and shopping. Often the restaurant food is the best in China, you can eat excellent fish, chicken or vegetable and usually very cheaply.

There are lots to do in Guang Zhou. It has many important museums, temples and modern gymnasiums. The Bai Yun Mountain is a good place for visit and to go bushwalking. The “boat of night time Pear River travel”, should not be missed.

Guang Zhou has many different things to enjoy and it is a good place to live in.

Express Train

You'll never guess what happed to me last Saturday. I was shopping in a supermarket at Hurstville and my friend called me to his house for dinner, so I went to the train station and bought a ticket to Carlton station. I was talking to my friend on the phone when a train came, so, I got on the train very quickly.
The train passed Carlton station but it didn't stop, why? I asked someone else and he told me that it is the express train to city. I felt so stupid and I wanted to call my friend to say I would be late, but my mobile phone's battery was finished when my friend picked the phone up.
Two hours later, I arrived at my friend's house and told him what had happened to me. They laughed at me. It made a funny thing for us to talk about and we had a happy time the whole day.

Chicken Fried Rice

3 tablespoons oil
3 chicken fillets
3 cups rice
6 spring onions
Salt and soy sauce
200g mixed vegetables

.Cook rice and put rice into a refrigerator two hours
.Cut chicken into cubes, chop spring onions
.Heat oil, cook chickens 6 minutes, add a little salt
.Remove chickens from pan
.Heat oil, cook spring onions 2 minutes
.Add rice and stir them until hot
.Add mixed vegetable, cook 2 minutes
.Return chicken to pan
.Add a little soy sauce and stir again

Cats are smarter than dogs

Although many people have dogs at home and some people treat theirs dogs like children, I think cats are smarter than dogs.
Sometimes I see accidents on the road with dogs but I've never seen accidents with cats. It means if there is danger cats will be very careful, but dogs never are.At night time, dogs always bark, so they make people get angry. Sometimes I want to give some pills to them because they won't be quiet. Cats may bring good luck.
In China, people believe if cats go to their house and stay there, they will get rich in the future, but with dogs it is the opposite. If a dog you do know comes to your house and stays, you will be poor. So, people give food to their cats before their dinner, but to dogs after their dinner and they give dogs the leftovers.

I think I will buy a cat in a few days.

Amazing Experience

My sister's house has got a big and high quality television. The television's colour and speaker are very good. You may be wondering why I am talking about the television today, because every time I see the television I still remember the amazing experience I had about ten years ago.
It was a long time ago. A company had invited me to a big party. There were about three hundred people who attended. Suddenly, the people on the stage were telling everyone to look under their chair when we had dinner because they had hidden paper under the chair. It was very exciting at that time when everyone had a number of their paper. There were about 12 people who had got a lucky number and I was the one of them.
I had played a quiz game with other people on the stage. I had answered most of the questions. At the end, I was the winner of that game and the company gave me a high quality television as a prize.
A few weeks later, my sister bought a new house. So I gave her the television as a prize for her new house and told her the story of that party, but she didn't believe me. I repeated this story about twenty times to her and she finally believed me.
That was the most amazing and lucky thing which I have ever experienced in my life. I can still remember it very clearly and I thing I will never forget it.